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Angry and Frustrated Because Your Social Security Disability was Denied?

Don't Give up. 

CALL:  CARL RHODES, ESQ.  1-800-391-5106 or (910) 822-8419



Fax:  910-748-0840


(Eph. 6 : 10 - 20)


Before sending your contact email, read the Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy on the last page.

I represent claimants in these cities in the state of North Carolina:  Lumberton, St. Paul, Pembroke, Rowland, Fairmont, Maxton, Clinton, Apex, Garner, Fayetteville, Raleigh, and Durham.  In fact, I will represent claimants in any city in the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, other states upon request, and if you meet Social Security Disability Benefits eligibility. Notwithstanding, there will be some exceptions.

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This is the lawyer I had to get my disability in 2016. If you need a disability lawyer, please contact him.  Carl Rhodes, He is good, fair, honest and hard working.  J. Locklear posted on October 2020 - Facebook at Carl Rhodes, Social Security Disability  

Carl Rhodes was able to lead me through the process of obtaining my favorable social security decision. He was very knowledgeable about the whole process and gave me step by step insight on how things would work. Mr. Rhodes was friendly and answered any questions that I had.  I would recommend Mr. Rhodes if you need a Disability Lawyer that WILL work HARD for YOU.  Charles posted on August 14, 2020 on

This is Mr. Carl Rhodes ...... disability advocate. He is awesome!  C. Locklear posted on February 7 on Facebook at Carl Rhodes, Social security disability
If you need help with applying for social security benefits and need help, Mr. Carl Rhodes is the best!  Seriously.  R. G. Locklear posted on June 8, 2019 on Facebook at Carl Rhodes, Social Security Disability.
This is an excerpt from an article printed in the Robesonian newspaper, Sunday, April 29, 2007, titled "A long difficult journey ends," about one of my claimants:  ". . . .one fateful day, Darby and her family learned that she had a brain tumor and surgery was scheduled for two days before Valentine's Day.  That surgery took a huge toll, and rendered Darby all but unable to work or even function at times in many day-to-day situations.  She attempted returning to work several times, but each attempt was cut short by a failing memory and inability to handle the normal rigors of a job." 
"Enter Carl Rhodes, a Fayetteville attorney (licensed in WV) who advertises in this newspaper - the only way we even knew about him.  Rhodes met with Darby about two months ago, and she heard from him several times over the next handful of weeks.  Then, last week, he passed along the best news Darby had heard in three years. "You are approved, Darby," he told her after returning from presenting her case to a judge in Charlotte.  "It'll take four to six weeks before all the paperwork is completed, but you have been approved."

"It's safe to say that Rhodes is Darby's-- and her family's -- newest hero.  It's also safe to say that he will reap many rewards in the form of word-of-mouth publicity for what he's accomplished." 

A journey that took the better part of three years came to an end when Darby was approved for disability benefits. 

"There is no replacing what Darby once worked so hard to achieve, but her future, still a formidable one in many ways, is at least less rocky thanks to Rhodes. Finally."    (W. Curt Vincent)  

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